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The Arrábida Natural Park

Currently, the Arrábida Natural Park includes two protected áreas: the land side, with the same name, that includes all of the moutain zones from Setúbal to the zone of Cape Espichel, and also the marine side, called Professor Luiz Saldanha Marine Park, that goes all the way down form Figueirinha beach to the zone of Cape Espichel aswell.

The entire mountainous landscape of this unique coast is characterized by limestone rocky cliffs and Mediterranean forest in a pristine state, a rare case in Portugal that houses a huge biodiversity, including some endemic species, like “Trovisco do Espichel” (plant).

Inside the Marine Park there are areas with exceptional conditions for the preservation of endangered species, like seahorses. One of these zones is Pedra da Anixa, a small rocky island inside of Portinho da Arrábida Bay. In addition to a remarkable presence in the landscape, Pedra da Anixa plays a decisive role in the subsistence of several species of fish and also of seabirds.

Since it has been created, the Professor Luiz Saldanha Marine Park has achieved very interesting results in the preservation and recovery of some marine species that belong to its ecosystems. In this way, Sado Emotion assumes the commitment to make a responsible use within the Marine Park’s navigation areas, raising awareness of all visitors to the importance of its preservation.